Pharma ChemOutsourcing 2022 Came to A Successful Close in the United States


The largest USA-based intermediates and API show, Pharma ChemOutsourcing 2022, opened in Parsippany, New Jersey on September 7, 2022. This 3-day conference was combined with the forum and brought together many industry leaders, renowned experts, and executives from the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical, and chemistry services industries to discuss changing landscape and future trends of the global pharmaceutical industry during the post-epidemic period. The panel discussions featured 5 main topics: 1) CMC, API & Global Supply Chain Security in the Post-Pandemic World 2) Choosing the Right CDMO for Biotechs: Past, Present, and Future 3) Small Molecule API Supply Chain Post-Pandemic: Price Inflation, CDMO Capacity Constraints, Raw Materials, Logistical Challenges 4) What's Going On In China? Risk Mitigation, Lockdowns, Ports, Shipping, Reshoring, Chinese Manufacturing Expansion in USA & Europe 5) Private Equity Investment in CDMO, which encouraged to explore emerging trends, key insights, and new collaborations in APIs after the outbreak.



This was the second time that LinkChem participated in and sponsored ChemOutsourcing exhibition. As a fast-growing CDMO company in the pharmaceutical industry, LinkChem has always adhered to technology-driven and focused on the field of small molecule pharmaceutical, actively developing industrialized technologies to serve global customers. During the exhibition, LinkChem's products and services attracted many customers to visit booth No. 5. Our senior chemist, Dr. Zhong, made face-to-face in-depth communication with senior executives and scientists from well-known companies in the industry, presented innovative CRO and CMO strengths as well as the brand image to customers that gained positive feedback and potential purchase intentions. The conference improved our understanding of market dynamics and customer needs in the post-pandemic era, building a solid foundation for further international expansion. Meanwhile, LinkChem would accelerate towards the global pharmaceutical industry chain through the exhibition, realizing the internationalization strategy upgrade, and providing customers with more high-quality chemical custom service!



LinkChem will continue to take the research, development and industrialization as the company's overall and long-term development strategy, aimed at actively contributing to the cause of life, health, and green energy innovation.