Our Discovery Services covers the entire spectrum of early-stage research from target identification to delivery of drug candidates for further development. We have experienced team of medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry experts to support our customers’ need for hit identification, lead generation lead optimization programs.
Hit identification
Hit-to-lead discovery
Lead generation
Lead optimization
SAR development
Libraries synthesis for Lead compounds
Patent application preparation
Project management

  As an experienced commercial manufacturer, LinkChem can provide one-stop outsourcing intermediates services of process route development and verification, analysis method development and verification, process improvement and application registration to help customers with investigational to commercial-scales developments. The development services include a large number of raw materials, registered starting materials and GMP advanced intermediates throughout the entire drug development process.

With our strong and diverse infrastructure, LinkChem facilities are multipurpose and flexible and allow a rapid response to meet customer requirements. LinkChem have the advantage in the field of Heterocyclic Chemistry, chiral drugs, Carbohydrate chemistry, Nucleoside chemistry, Peptide Chemistry and Antibody Drug Conjugation (ADC).


LinkChem’s factory workshop has good versatility, flexible capacity of rapid switch and project management mode to ensure that the production and operation system can quickly and high-quality delivery of products and services required by customers.

Relying on the international standard quality system and large-scale commercialized GMP product production experience, we can provide customers with high quality commercialized API and GMP intermediate products at the optimal cost, and provide customers with a series of additional services such as secondary process development and optimization. LinkChem has different types and different sizes of plants, which can achieve the perfect combination of laboratory scale to commercial production scale and ensure the stability of supply.

Development and optimization of innovative process routes
Production of API/intermediates
Synthesis and manufacture of building blocks
Development and process optimization of preclinical candidate compounds
Process optimization of designated routes
Production of Special chemicals
GMP/Non-GMP production of intermediates
Synthesis of high-quality kg scale samples

Service Platform: XFlow Chemistry is committed to building the flow chemistry platform using the industrial continuous flow reaction technology, adhering to the concept of green and safe production, providing customers with continuous flow process design, process optimization, laboratory testing, feasibility study, equipment improvement, process development as well as fully integrated solutions to better meet the needs of customers in large-scale, sustainable production.

Reaction Types for Flow Chemistry Applications
Nitration reaction (concentrated sulfuric acid, dichloroethane)
Sulfonation reaction
Chlorination reaction (photocatalytic, thermocatalytic)
Amination/Reductive amination reaction
High-temperature and high-pressure reaction
Metal reagent reaction (butyl lithium, Grignard reagent, DIBAL-H, etc.)
Diazotization reaction, diazonium salt hydrolysis
Oxidation reaction (hydrogen peroxide/Swern/peroxycarboxylic acid/ozone/air/nitric acid)
Esterification reaction
Azide reaction
Gas-liquid reaction
Continuous Production Technology Development
Regular products + Continuous flow process
Complete line (multi-step reaction) of continuous technology process
Continuous reaction - extraction and washing - evaporation and crystallization - distillation and concentration
New Catalyst Technology + New Reactor Technology
Application of new technologies such as solid super acids, ionic liquids + Continuous flow technology
New process + New equipment
Reduce overall costs and achieve intrinsic safety
Feasibility Assessment of Continuous Reactions
Process development and optimization
Validation and scale-up
Generation of technology packages
Technology transfer to production
Continuous process improvement
Process optimization at laboratory, kilogram and commercial production scale


LinkChem has a highly experienced regulatory affairs team which provides CMC services at all research stages of Investigational New Drug application (IND) and its clinical trial phases (P1, P2, P3), New Drug Applications (NDA), Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA), and post-approval regulatory services including product change, annual report and re-registration service. LinkChem establishes standardized management system to ensure the authenticity and professionalism of the data, to assist the drug regulatory department verification. With profound professional knowledge in synthesis, QC, QA, domestic and foreign policies and regulations, registration and rich industry resources, we provide domestic and foreign customers with high efficiency and high quality drug registration and declaration services in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations.
Route Screening &process optimization of APIs
Study of complete impurities of APIs
Polymorph, salt and co-crystal screening of APIs
Crystallization processes of API and intermediate for scale-up, control of polymorph and particle size
Technical pack of intermediates support
On-site audit
IND/NDA/ANDA regular filling support

LinkChem adheres to the strategy for synchronous development in fields of pharmaceutical, new energy and advanced materials. We make the brand of LinkChem with leading service in pharmaceutical CDMO industry, and exploit the field of advanced materials relying on existing pharmaceutical business mode.

Based on rich experience in technology development and accumulation, we can provide one-stop solutions about technology R&D, key process optimization, end-product quality control and commercial manufacturing for advanced materials (photoresist monomer, PI monomer, PSPI, lithium battery additive, functional monomer, etc.) since 2015. Until now, a number of products have passed sample test, and some have been in abundant supply.

Service advantages:

Technical advantages: The company has the national CNAS recognized laboratory, obtained CNAS certificate and CMA certificate.
Team advantages: The team has been deeply engaged in the material industry for decades,
with strong independent research and development
technology capabilities.
Capacity advantages: Jiangxi, Shandong and other industrial bases with annual tonnage level production capacity.
Management advantages: The company has perfect quality management system, also has a wealth of industrial mass production experience.

Service scope:

Customized development


Process research and analysis


Commercial production services

Product list:

PI monomer,PSPI monomer,Photoresist monomer,Lithium battery additive, etc.

No. Category Product CAS No. Structural Formula
1 PI Monomer MCTC [73003-90-4]
2 CBDA [4415-87-6]
3 DMCBDA [137820-87-2]
4 ODA [101-80-4]
5 mTD [84-67-3]
6 BAPB [13080-85-8]
7 CFDA [107934-68-9]
8 FDA [15499-84-0]
9 N/A [2716984-43-7]
10 N/A [3102-70-3]
11 PSPI Monomer BAP [1220-78-6]
12 OBAP [6423-17-2]
13 CHPS [30817-90-4]
14 BAHS [7545-50-8]
15 Photoresist Monomer VPBO [95418-58-9]
16 Lithium Battery Additive VC [872-36-6]
17 LiFSI [171611-11-3]
18 Functional Monomer CHDA [1076-97-7]
19 N/A [97344-49-5]
20 N/A [1204-10-0]
21 N/A [128481-73-2]
Quick analysis for new drug substance
Analytical support for process research
In process control and release test
Analytical method development, method validation and qualification
Elemental analysis and method development
Genotoxic impurity method development and validatio
Residual solvent method development and validation
Reference standard characterization and qualification
Impurity isolation, identification and characterization
Stability studies for drug substance