Sensing the Wave of New Small Molecule Drugs! 2022 China ChemPharm CMC Innovation Summit was Successfully Held



At present, China is gradually moving towards originality and innovation in the development of new drugs, and majority of novel drugs are small molecule innovative drugs. As the development environment of China's small molecule innovative drug industry has improved, new products are emerging, but there are still challenges such as insufficient innovation, insufficient investment in R&D, and limited product market space.

On December 1-2, 2022, "2022 China ChemPharm CMC Innovation Summit " was successfully held in Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, co-hosted by LinkChem and Pharnex. The conference was held online and offline simultaneously.

The summit attracted talent professionals and leading experts, around 50 guests were invited to share their views on five areas: small molecule innovative drug development, CNS disease drug development, the Bund pharmaceutical company gathering, antiviral/ infective drug development, small molecule CMC development. They analyzed the current situation and development trend of small molecule innovation at home and abroad, and discussed new opportunities, challenges and trends of small molecules from a forward-looking perspective, brining an academic feast in the field of small molecule drugs.

As one of the event organizers, LinkChem was deeply involved in the agenda of the forum. Dr. Lu, CEO of LinkChem, Dr. Zhang, General Manager of LinkChem, Dr. Zhong, CTO of LinkChem, and Mr. Yang, General Manager of Shanghai XFlow Chemical Technology attended the summit and made in-depth exchanges with industry colleagues. They shared industry experience in small molecule process development, green continuous flow technology application, promoting new cooperation intentions, and discussing future development trends of small molecule drugs.




At the beginning of the summit, Dr. Lu, CEO of LinkChem, gave an opening speech, kicking off the China Chemical Pharmaceutical CMC Innovation Summit 2022. Dr. Lu indicated that the development of new drugs in China was gradually moving towards originality and innovation, and small molecule innovative drugs were the main force of drug development. This summit was intended to provide a platform for communication and cooperation in the development of new technologies and strategies for small molecule drugs. The speech fully expressed a warm welcome to the guests and colleagues who came to the summit, and wished it a successful holding. Later the same day, Dr. Lu delivered a speech entitled "Annual API Trends Review 2022", using specific data to explain the development trend of APIs/ intermediates in 2022, and shared valuable insights on how to adopt differentiation strategies to enhance competitiveness in the future.



In the main session on December 1, Dr. Zhang, General Manager of LinkChem, served as the moderator of the panel discussion, facilitated the discussion on “Small Molecule Innovative Drug R&D Layout and Development Trend” with small molecule innovative drug experts and R&D company leaders.



Dr. Zhong, CTO of LinkChem, gave a speech on the theme of "Art of GMP Process Route Design: Innovation and Transcendence", highlighting the technical elements of GMP process route design and natural product (total) synthesis. It was combined with case studies, analyzing the exploration process of synthetic route and process production. Dr. Zhong also participated in the panel discussion on “Small Molecule Innovative Drug R&D Layout and Development Trend”, sharing his technical experience and views about the challenges and opportunities of small molecule drug industry.



Mr. Yang, General Manager of Shanghai XFlow Chemical Technology, gave a speech in the title of " Application of Continuous Flow in CDMO ", talking about the nature of flow chemistry and reaction equipment from the perspectives of continuous flow and microreaction technology. The presentation not only covered the characteristics of different reactors in the continuous flow laboratory, but also analyzed the industrialization scheme of flow chemistry and its application and advantages in various chemical reactions.



During the summit, the LinkChem team was enthusiastic and professional in receiving every visitor with a lively booth atmosphere. An endless stream of attendees came to our booth for information exchanges and discussions, and visiting partners fully expressed their positive willingness to work and deepen cooperation with LinkChem.